How to Start a Low Histamine Diet

Beginning a low histamine diet can feel daunting.  You may not like the idea of being hindered from taking the foods you love and unlike a variety of other many diets such as keto and gluten-free, this diet is not much known.  This may result in you feeling frustrated when you go shopping and you may find yourself starting with consuming the same meals over and over again.  However, all is not lost because you can learn ways of making a suitable diet. On this page is a list of things to help you begin a low histamine diet. 


You need to consult a doctor.  You should not start this diet or to deny yourself certain foods without having sought guidance from an educated medical professional. The reason behind you wanting to consider a low histamine diet could be histamine intolerance or the disorder of mast cell activation. Generally those who have been diagnosed with these conditions are advised to restrict from particular foods.  In case you have not been diagnosed with any of these conditions, the foremost step to take is to request for a consultation with a doctor. You should only change your diet after you receive medical advice. 

Make sure you choose a low histamine diet. After you are diagnosed, have seen a medical expert and advised to be on a low histamine diet, the other thing you should do is choosing the version of diet you should follow.  Even though you will see numerous versions of this diet, it is likely that they contradict each other. Look for the most cited diet and one that is recommended by most of the doctors.

You should carry a shopping list when going to shop.  Low histamine diet has two categories of foods, these are, the allowed and restricted with the later having a very long list. In order to avoid the frustrations of walking to each corner of a supermarket only to end up feeling disappointed concerning the long list of the denied foods, you should list all the permitted foods you like consuming  and go shopping with it. For guidance on how you can settle for an ideal natural health diet, read here now.

Make sure you concentrate on the taste. In case you like strong tastes, you are somehow restricted from them when on this diet because a variety of the foods that have a strong taste are not allowed.  Everything can feel a bit disinteresting and not appetizing at any given time. You can use gluten and yeast-free vegetable bouillon, and the allowed apple vinegar, herbs, and salt. This way, you will make tasty meals and help you not to keep thinking of the foods you cannot eat. If you want to know more about this topic, then click here: